Discover Laurel Park

Discover Laurel Park


Laurel Park is one of Sarasota’s oldest downtown, urban neighborhoods. Located between Orange Avenue and Washington Boulevard south of Morrill Street, it is approximately 50 acres stretching over nine city blocks in Sarasota, Florida. 

Downtown Sarasota’s Laurel Park is a National Register of Historic Places District; it’s one of Sarasota’s earliest neighborhoods, where venerable, historic homes sit beneath towering mature pines and Spanish moss along tasteful, old-style brick streets. While several other Sarasota communities have emerged as gentrified arts or commercial districts, Laurel Park remains predominantly residential, friendly to families, retirees, artists, and professionals, retaining its village-style charm smack in the center of bustling downtown Sarasota.

Residents of Laurel Park Sarasota can walk to the Farmers Market, Hollywood 20 theaters, Whole Foods grocery, Burns Court Cinema, Selby Gardens, Selby Library and all of the other wonderful shopping and numerous restaurants found in the downtown area.  

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